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Below are the questions Dr. Natalie Engelbrecht most commonly
receives about the autism assessment, with corresponding answers.

As some of these questions will invariably come up during the
assessment process, it can be helpful to read through them,
so you know what to expect.

Click on any of the questions below to see their respective answers

Pursuing an assessment

How do I determine if pursuing an assessment is an appropriate step for me?

It is a personal choice—here is why I did. Your reasons may include educational or government assistance, employment accommodations, or only for peace of mind. If the psychometrics you have taken indicate you are above the threshold, it may be worth the confirmation.

How long does the assessment process take?

The duration of the assessment process depends on several factors, including whether you just want to do the screening or the complete process, whether you require a medical review, when your diagnostic interview can be booked in, and how long you take to complete the psychometrics and questionnaires.

  • Screening report: Up to 12 weeks after uploading your documents.
  • Diagnostic report: Up to 16 weeks after the diagnostic interview.
  • Diagnostic interview appointment: Subject to available dates.
What is your availability?
  • You can start the assessment process immediately after payment.
  • The waiting time for the interview that is part of the diagnostic process is subject to available appointments.
Are you able to assess persons with cultural, gender, or differences of sexuality?
  • I strive to provide high-quality inclusive, affirming, culturally sensitive care. I am a culturally competent trained psychotherapist.
  • Also, I have firsthand living experience worldwide in Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America.
  • Additionally, I have been trained to provide cultural and clinically competent care for LGBTQIA+.
Do you diagnose people from the US?

Yes, I diagnose autistic people from all over the world, and a significant number of my clients are from the US.

Assessment requirements

Am I required to do the screening assessment prior to doing the diagnostic assessment?

Yes, you are required to complete a screening assessment. The psychometrics are only a portion of the screening assessment. There is also a questionnaire to determine whether you fulfill the DSM-5/ICD-10 requirements for diagnosis.

As a courtesy, I provide a screening assessment to prevent the cost and time associated with a full diagnostic assessment if you clearly don’t fulfill the DSM-5 criteria.

Do you require that I provide early childhood accounts from parents or caregivers?

As an adult, I only ask for your information. I feel that you can speak for yourself.

If I recently took some of these tests and saved my results, should I use that or re-take the test?

Documentation of your answers is necessary for the assessment. Some tests generate a file of the questions, answers, and results, but others require screenshots of the process. Tests that do not create all documentation will need to be re-taken.

If I need time between the screening and diagnostic assessments, is that okay?

Yes, you can take up to 6 months between receiving your screening and a diagnosis.

Co-occurring conditions


Is the assessment covered by insurance?

The assessment is a private service, not a government service. Each insurance company has its own rules and regulations. What is covered and what your insurance will pay for depends on your policy.

Please ask your insurance company about your coverage for psychotherapy, naturopathic medicine, or an autism assessment conducted by a medical doctor, naturopathic doctor, or registered psychotherapist.

Please note, it is recommended that you read your written policy to verify what you are told.

If my insurance won’t cover me, can I pay out of pocket as well?

Definitely. We mention on our website to check with your insurance provider to see whether you can get a diagnosis by a Canadian psychotherapist covered. But this is for your own benefit, rather than a requirement.

I have completed the psychometrics on the website. Can I get a discount?

As a courtesy, the screening and diagnostic assessments are already priced at the lowest possible rate.

I have had a previous assessment. If I provide that document, can I have a discount?

I must administer the assessment process fully to feel confident in the diagnosis. The cost is based on my time to review the results and write the reports.

When will I get my receipt as proof of payment?

You should receive a receipt automatically after payment.

If you haven’t received a receipt the same day of payment, please contact us.

Psychometric tests

I submitted my test results and questionnaire, but I am worried that you did not receive them.

When you upload your files using the link provided, the FilesAnywhere interface will say the following: “File Drop Successful! 1 file(s) were uploaded.”

If we require any clarification or find some missing information in your submission package, someone will contact you by email.

I uploaded my test results. Are the files handled securely?

When you upload your files using the link provided, it is a secure transaction, and your files will only be handled by Dr. Natalie Engelbrecht and her staff.


Will I be receiving a formal report with the evaluation?

You will receive a formal document for your screening.

If you have chosen to follow this up with a diagnostic, you will receive a formal report after Dr. Engelbrecht has done the live virtual interview with you.

How long does it take before I get my report?

It can take up to 6 weeks to get your report depending on which one you purchased. We process the screenings and diagnostics according to when we receive the completed, uploaded documents.

If we notice that you have not uploaded all the data we require, the process can be slightly delayed. If that is the case, someone will be in touch with you

How can I book my virtual appointment for my diagnostic assessment?

You can only book these appointments after Dr. Engelbrecht has processed your diagnosis. Once she has done this, she will send you an email with the link to the calendar and a password to book the appointment.

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If you have a question that has not been covered on this FAQ page,
feel free to contact Dr. Natalie Engelbrecht RP ND’s assistant via
the Assessments page.

Don’t forget that you can also chat with our bot, Saga. She knows a lot about the assessment process, and can probably answer your questions faster than any human could! To activate her, click on her avatar on
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