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Autism assessments

Are you looking for an assessment
to determine if you’re autistic/AuDHD?

Dr. Natalie Engelbrecht ND RP can help!

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Dr. Engelbrecht ND RP has extensive
experience in the assessment and
diagnosis of autism and ADHD

Informed by her clinical practice
and her lived experience of autism,
she is uniquely qualified to guide you
through the assessment process

Dr. Engelbrecht ND RP’s assessment will help you
gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of yourself,
as well as greater knowledge of your various traits and
characteristics. Additionally, it will help determine if
they align with an autism profile or any other condition

An assessment by Dr. Engelbrecht ND RP can result
in a better understanding of yourself. An assessment
may also help you capitalize on your strengths and
help you improve challenging areas of your life.

It can also help your partner(s), colleagues, friends,
and family better understand your strengths and
unique qualities. And if a formal diagnosis applies,
you may be eligible to receive accommodations
and/or access to local resources to assist you.

This is a service
provided for adults

Assessment service

As a courtesy, we offer the autism assessment in 3 parts:

Part 1

The first step is the autism screening—a preliminary
assessment of your autistic traits. For some people,
the autism screening is sufficient to satisfy their needs.

Part 2

Based on your screening results, you may wish to pursue
a formal diagnostic assessment. If so, you can continue with
the diagnostic assessment—resulting in a formal diagnostic assessment and report by Dr. Natalie Engelbrecht ND RP.


As of October 17th, 2013, Naturopathic doctors in Ontario are able to communicate a naturopathic diagnosis, including of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and ADHD, where the assessor has the relevant skill and experience

Part 3

A medical doctor’s review of the assessment is an optional
third step, which may be required in some jurisdictions.


Dr. Engelbrecht ND RP is a naturopathic doctor and registered psychotherapist. Before requesting forms, please be sure to check with the provider to whom you will be submitting those forms to ensure that her credentials are sufficient for their requirements

About this system

This 3-part system allows you to do the assessment
at a speed that is comfortable for you.

It also allows you to divide the cost over time. If your data indicates that continuing with a comprehensive diagnostic assessment is not warranted, or if you are just looking for a screening of your personal traits, you do not have to spend additional time and money on the rest of the process.

Part 1

Autism screening

The autism screening consists of the following:

  • 15 questions regarding your traits,
    history, and challenges
  • 7 psychometric tests (empirically validated)
  • A review of your information, based
    on the DSM-5 diagnostic criteria
  • A 15+ page report based on the findings

Waiting time

The waiting time for the screening report is
3–6 weeks after submitting your documents.

Part 2

Diagnostic assessment

The diagnostic assessment consists of:

  • An additional 13+ psychometric tests
    (empirically validated)
  • A 30–50 minutes-long clinical interview via video conference, based on the ADOS-2 Module 4
  • A review of your information, based
    on the DSM-5 diagnostic criteria
  • A comprehensive diagnostic report based on the
    data acquired during the assessment process
  • In addition to assessing for autism, the following commonly co-occurring conditions are screened
    and may be diagnosed if criteria are met: ADHD, PTSD, depression, anxiety, alexithymia, and OCD
  • A 40+ page report based on the findings

Waiting time
  • Diagnostic report: up to 2–4 weeks after the diagnostic
    interview has taken place.
  • Clinical interview: You will be invited to book an interview
    with Dr. Engelbrecht ND RP within 12–16 weeks after
    completing your diagnostic assessment questionnaire.
Part 3

Independent MD review
of diagnostic assessment

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Part 3 involves an independent review of the diagnostic assessment by a medical doctor. In some jurisdictions this may be required.

Waiting time
  • The waiting time for the diagnostic report with the medical review is subject to the medical doctor’s availability.


Below is the service we offer after you
have been assessed and diagnosed

Post-diagnostic service


Once the assessment process is complete,
you can get a letter of accommodation (LOA),
which provides a written statement of the academic
or work accommodations recommended for you.

The assessment team

We work as a multidisciplinary team with a diverse blend of
practice, experience, and expertise. Our team includes a registered psychotherapist and a medical physician. Where necessary,
we have access to external resources and can refer clients to appropriate practitioners or service providers that may
compliment and build on our own expertise.

Our team is available to assess, interpret and apply individual test results in order to consider them in a broader clinical or medical context, including for the purposes of diagnosis and treatment, following the establishment of an appropriate clinical relationship.

Our multidisciplinary team includes Dr. Jagpreet Arora MD;
she has practiced as a licensed medical physician in Ontario
since 1985. Her practice has for years included the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of autistic patients.

About the screening

The online screening was developed to provide an easy
to use and clinically validated means to screen and
assess for personal traits, including for those that may
be indicative of a possible autism spectrum disorder.

NB: No diagnosis is made based on application of the screening tool alone. A formal diagnosis will require formalized assessment by a qualified practitioner in the context of an established clinical relationship (part 2
of the assessment process).

The screening tool we rely upon at Embrace Autism is a compilation of clinically validated and long-used psychometric assessment tools that are broadly applied by practitioners in the field. Our tool also builds on more specialized screening tools that are specific to our practice, though they may also be applied by others.


Pricing is determined based on the hourly rates.
We provide an estimate of the fee based on the time
taken to complete the assessment process.


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