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Positives of autism series

Published: September 19, 2021
Last updated on September 19, 2021

The Positives of autism series is a 3-part series on acknowledging our autistic advantages, and adopting a more positive perspective on being autistic. Click on one of the titles below to explore the series.


Seeing autism in
a positive light

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Here I describe how I came to shift my perspective
on being autistic, from a focus on my challenges
to a more advantage-driven perspective.

What we experience
is not who we are

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Here I describe common obstacles in adopting
a more positive view on autism, and how we tend to
confuse our negative experiences with who we are.

The bright side
of being autistic

A ‘Super Autism’ shield, radiating light.

Here I list some of the more positive or wondrous
aspects of being autistic, in celebration of the fact
that our differences can become our assets.

A ‘Super Autism’ shield.


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The Embrace Autism team shares the latest updates on our website and organization. Who writes the articles under the Embrace Autism name, you may ask. The simple answer is that we all do; each of us alternates between typing a single key. It takes a ridiculous amount of time to write that way, but it’s all about the team effort!


Although our content is generally well-researched
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