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Steven’s literal clowns

Published: April 3, 2020
Last updated on March 5, 2021

Comment from Martin:

When I designed the artwork for Jolly April Fool’s where I used Steven and gave him a clown’s nose, I had no idea Steven had a topical experience to share!

I was working at an arcade as asst. manager. I got a transfer and promotion to manager as a result of the transfer, as the company was opening an arcade in a brand new mall.

So it was just me at first; no asst. mgr, no part-timer.

The joke was set up for me. We were right at the entrance of the food court, and were one of the few with an outside entrance. The mall had hired a couple of entertainers—literal clowns. They contacted my district manager and got permission just a day before the mall opening to use our arcade as a staging area. Get their masses of balloons ready and wait to enter the mall without passing through the crowds waiting outside.

My DM didn’t tell me until that morning. He’d shown up very early and let the clowns in right after I got there (also very early) but before he had a chance to tell me.

So my point of view: I show up, start getting ready (company smock, change, count-in) and there is a knock at the back door. The DM rushes off. He comes back, two ladies dressed as clowns just ahead of him.

In my perfect Aspie deadpan, I say:

So these are the two clowns you hired to work with me.

An illustration of Steven’s head with a clown’s nose.

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