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We joined the Aspergian!

Published: December 15, 2019
Last updated on February 22, 2021

PS: The Aspergian is now called NeuroClastic.

We were recently asked by Terra from the Aspergian to become a contributor to their platform, and we are happy to join them.

You may now call us the Embracian (I’m kidding).


Indeed, we have a platform of our own, and I suppose as businesses, the Aspergian and Embrace ASD are arguably competitors.

And yet we don’t see it that way, since we are united in our goals; sure, our ambitions and visions aren’t necessarily the same, but ultimately we both want to increase awareness and understanding of autism, and to help autistic people in various ways.

The Aspergian is a great collective of individuals that all contribute to bringing a great diversity of information on autism, from personal experience to research studies. For that reason, we decided to join the ranks of the Aspergian’s many great contributors and diverse autistic voices.

I hope we bring a unique voice to their platform, and that their platform, in turn, can help us connect with more people so we can help each other.

Thank you for inviting us to join!

Aspergian publishing

Two days ago we published our first article on the Aspergian! You might already have read it; it’s The autistic experience of overwhelm. I chose to publish this article first since I figured the descriptions of sensory overload, meltdowns, and shutdowns could be helpful as a reference point to begin to describe your own experiences, or to send to friends and family so they can better understand your own experiences with overwhelm.

To read the article on the Aspergian, follow the link below.

The autistic experience of overwhelm

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