March 19, 2020

COVID-19 series

Last updated on October 12, 2021

Embrace Autism has always been dedicated to research-based information. Misinformation and a lack of control pose a significant threat to our health and increase our stress and fears. We believe the latest research-based information on COVID-19 will lessen these concerns.

Quality information

It is essential to have accurate, up-to-date information that comes directly from evidence-based journals.

For example, a widely circulated article, allegedly written by Stanford University, contained a dubious list of claims spreading across social media. Included in the list of false claims, is that drinking water, can “kill” the virus. Stanford University issued a statement that they did not author the article.

Inaccurate and partial information is dangerous because it leaves much room for assumptions and interpretations, and ultimately increases rather than alleviates anxiety.

Vague statements have been released as to the length of time the virus remains contagious in the environment. On Tuesday, March 17, 2020, research clearly defined the length of times COVID-19 remains airborne (droplets from a sneeze or cough) hang in the air for 30 minutes, while the virus can live for 24 hours on cardboard. This information lets us know how long before our home-delivered packages are safe to handle and also explains why it is important to self-quarantine or shelter-in-place (to avoid-borne droplets that remain after a person has left the area) and use social distancing to keep ourselves safe.

Please help keep all of us safe.


COVID-19: basic information

About the name, its origin,
types, and basic prevention


COVID-19: durations

About the virus’ half-life on surfaces
and transmission through air


COVID-19: current cases

About closed and active cases,
and the recovery and death rates


COVID-10 & ibuprofen

About the myths of the use of
ibuprofen in relation to COVID-19

A quality seal.

PS: The featured image is Martin thinking he is funny by implying Embrace Autism is a virus.
But I promise, it’s only quality information we are spreading!


This article
was written by:
Dr. Natalie Engelbrecht ND RP is a dually licensed naturopathic doctor and registered psychotherapist, and a Canadian leader in trauma, PTSD, and integrative medicine strictly informed by scientific research. And not only do I happen to be autistic, but my autism plays a significant role in who I am as a doctor and how I interact with and care for my patients and clients.


Although our content is generally well-researched
and substantiated, or based on personal experience,
note that it does not constitute medical advice.


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