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December 12, 2019

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Last updated on May 13, 2021

For all 423 people who subscribed to our mailing list, good news! You are finally getting what you have probably been sitting on the edge of your chair for since (up to) 2018: mails! Yes, we are now ready to keep you up to date on everything we do (within reason).

If you haven’t been waiting for that, I guess it’s going to be a pre-holiday surprise. And if you don’t want any emails from us… Well, you will get them anyway, until you decide to unsubscribe. But Embrace ASD feels right at home in your spam folder, too.


We introduced a mailing list in 2018 which you could subscribe to, but we never made use of it. Last week I finally looked into how to set everything up in Mailchimp, and how to design the emails. It didn’t take that long to figure Mailchimp out, but I still ended up spending several days on this, designing the images needed for the email campaigns, styling emails, and learning about automated emails. Cool stuff though!

A rendition of the Mailchimp logo (a winking chimpanzee with a railroad engineer hat) in Embrace ASD style and colors.

Mailing list

If you never want to miss out on Embrace ASD content, I recommend you sign up for our mailing list! Here is what you will get:

  • A weekly digest of the articles published on our website.
  • Updates on projects we are working on.
  • Volunteer requests and job offerings.
  • Special deals (once we start carrying our own products).
  • Bonus content (possibly).

Weekly digest

In the image below you can see the masthead for the weekly digest which you will be receiving when you sign up. I personally like the price of 1 spoon, if you get the reference.[1]Spoon theory | Wikipedia I was going to say ‘Price: free’, but then I thought, it’s still going to take time and energy to read anything. I hope a single spoon is not too high of a price.

The masthead for Embrace ASD’s Autism Weekly.

Oh and who can tell me what the issue number refers to? What I can say is that it basically says volume 1, number 0.

The first weekly digest is scheduled to be sent out tomorrow at 6 am est. The digest is also going to list this very post, which is pretty meta.


To subscribe to our mailing list and receive our newsletter, go to the footer of any page on our website, or go to our new awesome mailing list landing page:

Embrace ASD subscribe page

A postage stamp of a dove with an envelope in its beak, and a heart keeping the envelope closed.
A stamp I designed, worth 2 spoons. I don’t know how far that will get your package.



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