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Meet our team

Published: November 6, 2020
Last updated on February 13, 2021

We have a few significant updates! You can now find more information on our website about who we are and what we do.

Team page

A team page has been added, where you can find out who is behind Embrace ASD, and what everyone contributes to maintaining this website, our social media presence, security and comfort in our groups/communities, and more! Moreover, the page features several new characters, and lots of new animations!

An Embrace ASD Team shield emblem.

The authors page could also use an update. Upcoming week I will replace some of the characters and animations, and add two more authors.

About page

The About page underwent some major revisions. It now includes a link to the team page, and the texts have been revised in the following ways:

  • A brief description of our founding history has been added.
  • Our mission statement is a lot more clearly described now.
  • We included our areas of focus in pursuit of our mission.
  • Some of the texts are now more succinct, and redundant information has been cut out.

I also plan on finally writing an About me post with more information about myself, which will be linked to at the end of the About page. But to be honest, I’ve said that more than once. What can I say? I don’t particularly enjoy talking about myself. But once I finish it, I will get our team members to write posts about themselves as well, for those who want to know more about us and our interests.

New characters

You might also have noticed I designed new characters for Natalie and myself. My character didn’t look like me anymore, as my appearance changed since 2018. After updating my character, Natalie’s character looked out of place with her perfectly circular head, so I gave her an update as well.

Updated characters for Natalie and Martin.

I’ve grown quite fond of our old characters, so it’s a bit sad to say goodbye to them. But I think I will just have to get used to the change in favor of more representative characters.

Podcast guests

Lastly, I will add a podcast page that lists everyone that has been on our podcast, with links to each episode. So check back shortly for more updates!


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was written by:

Martin Silvertant is a co-founder of Embrace Autism, and lives up to his surname as a silver award-winning graphic designer. Besides running Embrace Autism and researching autism, he loves typography and practicing type design. He was diagnosed with autism at 25.

PS: Martin is trans, and as of 2021 she writes under her true name, Eva Silvertant.


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