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October 31, 2020

Halloween 2020

Last updated on June 16, 2021

Since I moved to Canada in 2018, we kept a tradition of carving an autism-themed pumpkin for Halloween each year. Click the links below to see our pumpkins from the last two years.

2019 | 2018

This year, we continued this tradition.

Out of the shadows

So in 2018, I carved the Embrace ASD symbol out of a pumpkin, and last year I carved ‘Embrace Autism’. But Halloween 2020 isn’t about Embrace ASD, or embracing autism; 2020 has been an ominous year, and this isn’t likely to improve in the upcoming months. But fear not—or fear more than ever before—because this is the year that a secret organization will finally come out of the shadows. They have been planning for world dominance since 1930, after Soviet scientist Grunya Sukhareva embarked on something big; something the government desperately tried to suppress out of fear of what terror could be released onto the world.

Behold, the Super Autistic Shadow Government!

A Super Autistic pumpkin for Halloween 2020.

Embrace Autism | Halloween 2020 | logo SuperAutistic


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