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#22 top autism blog!

Published: November 12, 2019
Last updated on February 22, 2021

At the end of 2018, only two months after launching our new website, Embrace ASD made it to the Top 50 Autism Blogs, Websites & Newsletters To Follow in 2018 list by Feedspot. You can read more about it in the post below.

Top 50 autism blog


I haven’t looked at Feedspot for a while, but I was just reminded of it as I was thinking about Embrace ASD’s referral sources. At the time we were placed on their list, we were ranked #42. I just had a look at their updated list, now called Top 50 Autism Blogs & Websites To Follow in 2019. And as you must have surmised from the title of this blog post, we are ranked #22 now!

We are excited about having gone up 20 spots in a year. But we are nearing the end of the year, and our social media influence listed is slightly outdated, particularly the numbers they give of our Facebook followers. So I am really curious to see where we might end up on the 2020 list.


Facebook fans 277 ⋅ Twitter followers 308 ⋅ Social Engagement 11 ⋅ Domain Authority 12 

Above you see the numbers attributed to several aspects of our business. Does anyone know what the categories Social Engagement and Domain Authority mean though? The i-icons for more information on what the categories mean don’t seem to work. Some other autism blogs and websites have much higher numbers, so we may have to focus on these areas in particular. For that reason, it would help a lot if I knew what they meant.

It fascinates me to see these numbers together though, and to compare them to other autism blogs’ numbers. Actually, they remind me of the numbers you see on playing cards, indicating such things as life, defense, and attack of the being presented on the card. I had some fun designing such a card. Behold, the Embrace ASD-ragon!

An illustrated playing card featuring the might Embrace ASD-ragon.


Thank you, everyone, for the interest in our website! And for those who explicitly support us, comment on our posts, and share our posts with their loved ones, thank you so much! It means the world to us to know that our efforts are appreciated. It’s fun to learn more about our condition and think about how to make research more accessible, but if it weren’t for your interest and engagement, we wouldn’t still be doing this.

In time, we hope to become among the main sources people go to for information on autism. So please keep reading and sharing while we keep researching and writing!An illustrated portrait of Quinn.

Also, a special thank you to our web developer Quinn Rusnell (the handsome guy above), who keeps managing to turn my designs into parts of a functional platform. I assure you, this isn’t always easy.

If you love our website and are in need of one yourself, consider hiring Quinn and myself together!


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Martin Silvertant is a co-founder of Embrace Autism, and lives up to his surname as a silver award-winning graphic designer. Besides running Embrace Autism and researching autism, he loves typography and practicing type design. He was diagnosed with autism at 25.

PS: Martin is trans, and as of 2021 she writes under her true name, Eva Silvertant.


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