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Sensory Sunday series

Published: December 7, 2019
Last updated on March 3, 2021

Our Sensory Sunday series involves a weekly question (on Sunday) about your/our/autistic sensory differences, combined with qualitative research (i.e. personal experiences).

There are a lot of interesting topics we cover in this series, and we are curious about your sensory experiences and differences as well. Click on one of the titles below to explore the series.


Sensory Sunday #7

In what ways do you use stimming subconsciously
to regulate and prevent sensory overload?

Sensory Sunday #6

 What’s one thing about your sensory experience
that you wish you would have known sooner?

Sensory Sunday #5

 What is a sensory experience you’ve had
that most people (probably) don’t experience?

Sensory Sunday #4

What physical or mental symptoms do you get
as a result of being overstimulated?

 Sensory Sunday #3

What do you use to regulate your sensory input?
What do you do to prevent sensory overload?

Sensory Sunday #2

Are you a ‘sensory craver’?
If so, what sensory experiences do you seek out?

Sensory Sunday #1

What sensory sensitivity are you most happy to have?
How do you use it to your advantage?



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